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In business centre of London evacuate offices

In the centre of London company F offices &C Asset Management are evacuated. The given measures are accepted in connection with detection of a suspicious package, transfers Reuters. As representatives of the company have informed, experts of police are going to make controllable explosion.
after the today`s statement of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain Charlza Clark for possibility of repetition of the acts of terrorism similar to an event the day before, London was overflowed by the present evacuation epidemic.
today during rush hour passengers of two stations - Liverpool Street and Charing Cross have been evacuated, and these stations are closed. For half an hour before in connection with detection of a suspicious package station Euston also has been closed, however later the alarm has been cancelled, and passengers have started to come back in trains. After yesterday`s acts of terrorism the British underground works with the faults, some stations and have not been opened, British prefer to use ground transport.
we will notice that the authorities of Britain while cope with liquidation of consequences of acts of terrorism independently. Meanwhile, the offer to help has stated a management of the North Atlantic alliance - in the event that Great Britain will address for support. The secretary general of NATO Jap has declared it de Hoop Sheffer at extraordinary session of the Atlantic Council called in connection with acts of terrorism in London. During a meeting of 26 constant representatives at the NATO have expressed solidarity and support to the British colleague Peter Rikettsu.
Tragical events in London only strengthen determination of allies on the North Atlantic alliance to continue struggle against terrorism, whether it be in Afghanistan, area of the Mediterranean or in Iraq the secretary general of the NATO has noted. We should take terrorism in a ring and attack roots of this phenomenon - has underlined J.Sheffer.
we Will remind that as a result of four explosions which have shaken the day before capital of Great Britain, were lost, according to official data, 50 persons. At the same time, there is also more pessimistic data on which act of terrorism has carried away lives of 75 persons. The information on victims also raznitsja. It is officially declared that them more than 700, however the London service of first aid asserts that various wounds have received nearby 1000 persons. Among victims - one 16 - the summer Russian.
also there was data about victims as a result of act of terrorism in the bus on the area of Tavistok - them 13 persons, representatives of Skotlend - Yard have informed.
Besides, the management of the London police has informed that from tunnels all bodies of victims as a result of explosions in the underground are taken.

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