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On Mira prospectus in Moscow there were two serious autofailures

At once two serious failures have occurred in the morning on Saturday on Mira prospectus, transfers TV channel Russia .
About nine o`clock in the morning the driver of BMW, going towards area, has not managed to drive. Around hotel Space at great speed the car ran into a chipper. The ferro-concrete design has literally pierced the car through.
According to GAI which has arrived to the place of inspectors, life to the driver was rescued by the worked pillows of safety. The man is hospitalised with a head serious trauma.
one more failure has occurred about four mornings. Near the house 169 across Mira prospectus Volga at great speed ran into the car of road service. a gazelle in turn, has rejected aside and it has faced car - the lift on which workers repaired wires.
After strong blow the driver and three passengers Volga have appeared blocked in salon. To take them from the bent car, rescuers had to cut a body and to remove a roof.
all four have received serious traumas and have been hospitalised. The driver Gazelles and also the workers who were in a cradle - the lift, have not suffered. Under the preliminary version, strong excess of speed by the driver " became the road accident reason; Volga .