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In the Chechen Republic the big group of insurgents has surrendered to the authorities

In the Chechen Republic the big group of insurgents voluntary has surrendered to the authorities. On it have informed in a press - service of the government of republic. Thus in a press - service have not specified exact quantity of the surrendered.
now insurgents are in Gudermes. Presumably, the part from them entered into a band of Ruslana Gelaeva.
Now representatives of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs and the government of the Chechen Republic go to Gudermes. According to some information, to the authorities have surrendered over 30 insurgents.
we will remind, practice when insurgents have started to surrender to federal soldiers, has begun in 2000ã. Then the former head of the Chechen Republic Ahmat Kadyrov has assured that will not judge those who did not make grave crimes. After such statement of the head of the Chechen Republic a large quantity of Wahhabites have agreed to lay down arms.
However some observers noticed that the insurgents who have come over to the side of federal soldiers, after a while again came back in mountains. And in due course mass “ appearances with guilty “ began to decline, and already son Ahmata Kadyrov Ramzan even more often declares that insurgents are necessary for destroying.
one of last successes of law enforcement bodies in the Chechen Republic was in the spring of this year when Sultan Gelishanov - the former head of department of state security " has surrendered in a captivity; the governments of Ichkeria “.
Gelishanov has been appointed by the chief of department of a state security of the Chechen Republic at the time of Dzhohara Dudaev though in 1991 has not received trust of colleagues at elections on a post of the chief of police station in Gudermes.
after Dudaev Gelishanov`s  destruction has a little kept away from new heads of Ichkeria though on - former remained one of heads of bands in east part of republic. After input of federal armies in 1999 S.Gelishanov some time headed a large gang.
that Sultan Gelishanov could surrender in a captivity, in 2002 Sergey Yastrzhembsky spoke. Recently on the same theme Ramzan Kadyrov who has recognised has expressed also that similar negotiations were spent.
according to the authorities of the Chechen Republic, from the beginning of military operations have voluntary laid down arms more than seven thousand insurgents.