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About Chukotka the ship of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation

In Chukchi autonomous region has sunk, in 8 km from settlement Coal Save Anadyrsky area, in a gulf of Bering sea has had an accident and the hydrographic ship " has sunk; GISU - the Kamchatka hydrographer belonging to the Ministry of Defence of Russia.
as have informed in autonomous region law enforcement bodies, as a result of incident nobody has suffered. The cause of accident and a damage are established.
onboard there were 30 persons. Seamen are already delivered by civil courts to Anadyr. According to preliminary data, failure has occurred in the conditions of a storm and a strong lateral wind. The ship has run into stones and has punched the bottom. To remain afloat to crew it was not possible.
we Will add that in connection with similar present intsindentami the tragedy played on November, 11th 2007 will be remembered still for a long time. In in Kerch strait. Then as a result of the strongest storm have suffered disaster and have sunk the dry-cargo ship Kovel The tanker Volgoneft - 139 the dry-cargo ship Volnogorsk the dry-cargo ship Nakhichevan and also some other courts.
the tanker Volgoneft - 139 on which board was more than 4,7 thousand t black oil, as a result of a storm has broken on two parts, thus 1,3 thousand t oil products has poured out in the sea.
after wreck large scandal between the Russian Federation and Ukraine which has estimated a damage from flood of black oil from the Russian courts during a storm in Kerch strait almost in 1,5 mlrd dollars has inflamed and demanded its compensation.