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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has spent searches at the Moscow office Sibir Energy

Law enforcement bodies have spent searches at the Moscow office Sibir Energy. On it has informed a source familiar with a situation.
in the company and in investigating bodies this data yet does not make comments. As have informed in the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the inspector who has given out the sanction on a search can give the information on spent investigatory actions only.
meanwhile the Moscow oil refining factory (MNPZ), one of which shareholders is Sibir Energy, has informed that within the limits of investigation of criminal case employees 6 - go department of an investigatory part of the Main investigatory management at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow have made withdrawal of some documents for 2006., some organisations concerning to commercial activity .
on July, 6th 2009. A source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Moscow has informed that in manufacture of the Main investigatory management of capital there are two criminal cases on the facts of evasion from payment of taxes of the Moscow oil company in 2002. And 2003. And the Moscow oil and gas company (MNGK, now 100 - percentage a daughter Sibir Energy, owns a share in Moscow NPZ) in 2006. For a total sum of 600 million rbl. Both affairs are raised under item 199 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (evasion from payment of taxes in especially large size), and infringements which have laid down in a basis of criminal cases, have been revealed during public prosecutor`s check.
according to the investigation, evasion from payment of taxes was carried out by increase in expenses at purchase of the goods through firms - a something ephemeral. Investigation has been begun in the end of June, are at the moment spent is investigatory - operative actions. In activity of the companies to which power structures have claims, both enterprises were headed by businessman Shalva Chigirinsky. It was the president of the Moscow oil company, and then MNGK which became the successor of the first.
S.Chigirinsky was until recently one of the largest shareholders Sibir Energy. 47 % of the company earlier supervised Bennfield which on an equal footing belonged to Igor Kesaevu and to Shalve Chigirinsky (packages have been put in the Savings Bank, S.Chigirinsky`s share has passed to Ruslanu Bajsarovu, it is challenged through court). However after Gazprom oil since April 2009. Bought up in the market of 34,1 %, it became known that she has redeemed Igor Kesaeva`s package and has agreed, under the informal data, about purchase of a share of R.Bajsarova. Now Gazprom oil supervises 81 % Sibir Energy. 18 % of actions Sibir Energy belong to the Central fuel company supervised by the government of Moscow.