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In the Smolensk region has fallen and has burnt down the helicopter

In the Smolensk region helicopter Mi - 2, carrying out flight of a gas pipeline Smolensk - the Hill Zhirkovsky has had an accident.
As they say in the message of Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation), incident has occurred at 11:43 Moscow time around settlement Lesnichenko (35 km from Smolensk).
At performance of landing with selection the helicopter was hooked by a tail beam for the earth, has turned over and has completely burnt down. Onboard the helicopter there was a commander of the aircraft. As a result of incident nobody has suffered - have informed in department.
the Interstate aviation committee with attraction of experts of Federal agency of air transport is engaged in failure investigation.
it any more the first failure with helicopter Mi participation - 2 this year. On January, 12th the car of this model was wrecked in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region. The helicopter making flight of a gas pipeline, has failed around the river Jugansky Ob. As a result of incident 4 persons have suffered, but nobody was lost.