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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has denied the information on detention attacked Evkurova

the criminals Detained in Ingushetia are not suspected of attempt at the head of republic Junus - Beka Evkurova. On it have informed in a press - the centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
in department have noticed that arrested persons are suspected of fulfilment of some grave crimes and only checked on participation in attempt on JU - B.Evkurova and a number of other crimes.
earlier in a number of mass-media referring to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashida Nurgalieva was informed that in Ingushetia are detained suspected of attempt on JU - B.Evkurova. In a press - the centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have noticed that the given information has been deformed, as literally the minister has told: In Ingushetia there are arrested persons on other criminal case which are checked on participation in attempt on JU - B.Evkurova. With these persons we actively work .
we Will remind, on June, 22nd 2009. In Nazran at the moment of journey of a train of the president of Ingushetia JU - B.Evkurova was worked by an explosive capacity about 70 kg in the trotyl equivalent, put in the car of Toyota Camry of black colour in which there was a suicide bomber. As a result of explosion police officer Mustafa Kokiev was lost, and JU - B.Evkurov and his brother Uvajs and driver Ramzan Evkurov have been taken to hospital. After R.Evkurov has died in hospital. Car Mercedes on which the president of republic went, has turned to a heap of the bent iron. Considerable damages were received by two escort cars.
earlier the chairman of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has informed that at a consequence there are very good prospects on disclosing of the given crime. On one of versions, on JU - B.Evkurova can be involved in attempt the leader of the Caucasian insurgents to Dock Umarov.