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From - for explosions in Turkmenistan the power station

is evacuated From - for explosions on an arsenal in the Turkmen city of Abadan workers of the Bezmeinsky state district power station which provided with energy including capital of Turkmenistan Ashkhabad have been evacuated. As a result the western part of a city has remained without electricity, marked in messages of local oppositional mass-media.
earlier from capital military technology and ambulance car columns have been directed to Abadan. Eyewitnesses asserted that the city was full of not broken off shells. In many houses glasses have been beaten out, in Abadan has been disconnected elektro - vodo - and gas supply.
thus the Turkmen authorities assert that the reason of explosions in Abadan became ignition of the pyrotechnic means intended for fireworks, as a result of especially hot weather established last days . In connection with incident the extraordinary session of the cabinet and state security council of Turkmenistan under the chairmanship of the president of the country Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedova has taken place.
Officials have reported on the head of the state that victims and special destructions after explosions in Abadan is not present, and necessary medical aid is rendered the population. The part of the population living in immediate proximity to a scene, has been evacuated in a safe place.