Rus News Journal

To Novorossisk

the most powerful tornado has fallen Upon Novorossisk the tornado has fallen. As informs ORT, diameter of a tornado makes about 200 metres. In height it reaches 3 kilometres. Emergency evacuation of the population has begun. In connection with act of nature in a city state of emergency is declared.
in some disctricts of the city the water level has risen on 2 metres. From - for destructions of transmission lines all city remained without an electricity. Water in the mountain rivers running into the sea in a disctrict of the city, has overflowed banks. In suburbs of Novorossisk in a flooding zone there were settlements Abrau - Djurso, Glebovka, Vasilevka, Southern Ozerejka, Tsemdolina, Top Baksansky.
the Critical situation has developed now on a site of Severo - the Caucasian railway from station Crimean to station Novorossisk. Entered yesterday Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation 48 - the hour interdiction for transportation of cargoes towards Novorossisk seaport will be prolonged in the near future without day. All passenger trains a direction to Novorossisk follow to Krasnodar. Further it is offered or to renew to passengers tickets in the opposite direction without collection of additional payments, or to continue the way further motor transport. For export of all got stuck passengers from area of the Big Sochi in an operative order 15 additional trains by departure from station Adler are generated.