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Mussaui planned to direct the plane on the White house

Under examination in the USA on suspicion in participation in activity of the terrorist organisation Al - Kajeda the Frenchman of the Algerian origin of Zakarias Mussaui according to plan of terrorists should direct the skyjacked plane on the White House.
about it it is told in the decoding of speech of public prosecutor Kenneth Karasa running business about acts of terrorism in New York and Washington on September, 11th 2001 published the day before. With this speech the public prosecutor has acted on January, 30th of this year at hearings in the congress.
as he said, Z.Mussaui has been perfectly informed on the purposes of this action despite assurances of its protection of the return. As the public prosecutor confirms, the consequence has the proofs specifying that Z.Mussaui together with other terrorists should carry out the fifth aviablow against the American objects.
however K.Karas has not specified, whether was planned to make this act of terrorism also on September, 11th. These proofs, he has informed, to a consequence, in particular, has given Faiz Bafana - a member of grouping Dzhemaa Islamija which, according to the American authorities, is connected with Al - Kajedoj . Z.Mussaui insists that it has not been involved in acts of terrorism in New York and Washington that other members ", as he said, can confirm; Al - Kajedy .