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In Iraq the mining of cars is put on a stream

the American marines have found out in Haklanija in the west of Iraq a workshop where insurgents established an explosive on cars for the further fulfilment with their help of acts of terrorism. As they say in the statement of military command of the USA, at the moment of spot-check carrying out in a workshop was six mined cars. All cars have been neutralised.
the American and Iraq military men have neutralised also five land mines which have been established on one of roads and intended, probably, for blasting of motor vehicles of forces of a coalition, transfers AR.
In area where Americans perform now antiterrorist operation, last week 20 military men of the USA were lost. Six infantrymen have been killed by the Iraq insurgents on August, 1st 2005., 14 more soldiers, and also their civil translator, were lost two days later.
Last act of terrorism has occurred to use of the mined car 2 days ago in Tikrit in the north of Iraq. According to the authorities, the mined car, at the wheel which sat the suicide bomber, has blown up near to police administration. Most likely, act of terrorism has been directed against the Iraqis, wishing to go to work in police. At the moment of explosion at an input in their building has gathered happy much. As a result of not less than five persons were lost, 15 have got wounds.