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eks - the representative of the Russian Federation in the United Nations have caught on a bribe in $1 million

the Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has deprived of one of the former heads of purchasing service of the United Nations, the Russian diplomat Alexander Jakovleva of diplomatic immunity on demand of the federal public prosecutor of the USA David Kelly. After that A.Jakovlev who lives now in New York, has been arrested, however on the security in 400 thousand dollars
A.Jakovlev later is released has pled guilty that took large bribes from contractors of the United Nations and extorted money at realisation of the humanitarian program of the help to Iraq Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs . The Total sum received by A.Jakovlevym in the form of bribes, makes almost 1 million dollars, transfers AR.
As it became known, the Russian diplomat has pled guilty on all three points of charge - arrangement, swindle and legalisation of illegally acquired means. On each of these charges it is threatened with imprisonment within 20 years. Thus, And. JAkovlev became the first official of the United Nations to whom the criminal charge within the limits of scandalous trial is shown.
A.Jakovlev, the international official with the long-term experience, has resigned in June 2005. Then him have accused that he has ostensibly helped the son to get a job in the firm delivering the equipment for the United Nations.
it is necessary to notice that the scandal connected with the secretary general of the United Nations when he has been accused of corruption in connection with the same program of the help to Iraq is still fresh in memory.
scandal has happened from - that son K.Annan - Kodzho has tried to suppress the work fact in the company which have received one of the Iraq contracts with company Cotecna which problems on the instructions of the United Nations included inspection of import of the goods arriving to Iraq within the limits of the program. The secretary general accused that it helped the son.
however the special commission investigating this incident, has established that K.Annan does not concern frauds.
the Program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs operated in Iraq with 1996. Till March 2003. Its purpose was to prevent humanitarian crisis in Iraq which threat has arisen owing to the sanctions imposed by the United Nations after war in Kuwait. According to program conditions, Bagdad acquired the right to sell a part of the oil, and on the obtained means to get the foodstuffs and medicines.
financial streams of the program were almost uncontrollable that has generated weight of abusings both from officials of the United Nations, and from the authorities of Iraq. Actually representatives of the humanitarian organisations for large bribes from the Baghdad management concluded those contracts in which Saddam Hussein`s people specified to them.
in the western mass-media Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs it is characterised as the most expensive swindle in the history of the United Nations .