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Dignity - Paulu the new wave of mass riots

the New wave of violence in the Brazilian staff has captured the Dignity - Paulu: police stations are fired, buses are set fire, in buildings of state institutions bombs are enclosed. The representative of police has informed that four suspects are killed in skirmishes with policemen, informs Bi - bi - si.
In one case the bomb has been enclosed at an input in the staff Ministry of Justice in the city centre the Dignity - Paulu which are considered as financial capital of Brazil. In a window of the Ministry of Finance shots are made.
on Monday and Tuesday attacks on ten police stations and the governmental buildings in eight cities of staff at night have been made. The Brazilian police considers that behind attacks in the Dignity - Paulu stand gangs, rukovodimye from prisons. In particular, the authorities accuse of realisation of attacks powerful criminal grouping the First command of capital which copes authorities Leaving imprisonment.
in the Dignity - Paulu inflames in the meantime dispute concerning legitimacy of time unbinding of 11 thousand prisoners - that those could celebrate the Day of the father marked in these days off. The Office of Public Prosecutor the Dignity - Paulu considers that some prisoners instead of returning to prison after a holiday, will join gangs.
however the governor the Dignity - Paulu Klaudio Lembo underlines that such time clearing is a traditional encouragement of those prisoners which well conduct itself, and the staff administration should not feel fear or revenge.
we will remind, in May of this year in business capital of Brazil already passed mass riots. They have begun after policemen have shot 33 assumed participants of one of bands. Since then it has been made over 100 attacks on guards. Besides, in several tens prisons of staff the Dignity - Paulu have occurred revolts of prisoners to capture of hostages.
then authorities also regarded an event as the co-ordinated action behind which there is a criminal grouping the First command of capital . It is considered that transfer of eight leaders of bandit group in high security prison for hundreds kilometres from the Dignity - Paulu became the reason of excitements.
Grouping the First command of capital it is based in 1993. The country authorities assert that its members participate in drug-dealing and weapons smuggling, in kidnappings, robberies of banks and the organisation of runaways from prisons. In November, 2003 the grouping suited attacks more than on 50 police stations therefore three were lost and 12 policemen have been wounded. Observers believe that events of two-year prescription have been organised by behind bars leaders of grouping.