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The Israeli boats have fired at camp of refugees in Lebanon

the Israeli artillery boats have fired at the largest camp of the Palestinian refugees in territory of Lebanon. As a result of bombardment one was lost and three persons are wounded, transfers () Associated Press referring to the Lebanese and Palestinian authorities. The Israeli military men of a vessel have let out two shells: one has fallen to camp Ejn territories - an ale - Hilveh in vicinities of the city of Sajda, another - in city park of attractions.
under the message a press - services of Army of defence of Israel (TSAHAL), blow has been directed against the active workers of movement FATH who are in camp of the Palestinian refugees.
according to the Lebanese authorities, Ejn - an ale - Hilveh is the largest camp of the Palestinian refugees in the country, in it at the moment are about 50 thousand persons.
Among the latest news which has arrived from Israel, it is necessary to notice and that the chief of the Joint Staff of Army of defence of Israel the general - the lieutenant Is given Haluts was charged to the assistant by the general - to major Moshe Kaplinski “ to co-ordinate military operations in Lebanon “. For M.Kaplinski`s these purposes will go on the north of Israel. This decision of the Joint Staff will essentially limit a freedom of action of the commander to northern district of Army of defence of Israel of Udi Adam. The Israeli mass-media connect M.Kaplinski`s appointment with expansion of military operation in Lebanon and growing criticism from the public.
today it became known that, since the morning on August, 8th, military - air forces of the Israeli army have destroyed 128 objects of an infrastructure of terror. According to the widespread statement a press - services TsAhAla, 98 structures from total number of the destroyed objects belonged to extremist movement “ Hezbollah “.
Besides, in TSAHAL today have resolved to the publication the information on  destruction of two Israeli military men in fight under Bandage - Dzhebejl. It has occurred in the morning. One of military men TSAHALa was seriously injured, and operation on its evacuation passed under incessant fire from insurgents “ Hezbollah “ in which result one more Israeli military man has received severe wounds. From the received wounds both military men have died before them have taken to hospital. In total from the beginning of military operation in Lebanon Israel has lost the killed 36 civilians and 64 military men.