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FNS has begun tax checks of activity “ MIANa “

Now Federal tax service (FNS) the Russian Federation spends tax checks financially - economic activities for 2004 - 2006γγ. Of some the organisations entering into a group of companies “ MIAN “ and also other companies occupied in sphere of building and sale of real estate. On it informs a press - service FNS.
According to the department message, “ the analysis of the open information, including published in mass-media, has shown that a number of experts declares opacity of the market of real estate of the Russian Federation and active application of various schemes of leaving from taxes the companies - participants of the market “. In this connection FNS has begun gathering, the analysis and check of the data from open sources.
now FNS analyzes the information on the tax schemes applied by the companies, occupied in sphere of building and real estate sale. “ In particular, as a result of the spent work it has been revealed and proved (the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow on business Nΐ40 - 64068/ 06 - 115 - 389) Joint-Stock Company application “ MIAN “ the bill scheme directed on concealment of a part of a gain “ - informs department.
FNS also has published the reference to the tax bearers, directed on revealing of cases of a misuse of tax privileges and other frauds in the real estate market. According to service, carrying out by tax departments of some analytical and control actions, including on the basis of the information given by citizens, will promote increase in a transparency of the market of real estate as a whole.
we will remind, on July, 30th of this year the Arbitration court of Moscow has partially satisfied Joint-Stock Company claim “ the Moscow investment agency of real estate “ (Joint-Stock Company “ MIAN “) About a recognition void decisions of Moscow management FNS the Russian Federation from August, 21st 2006γ. About attraction of the tax bearer to responsibility for a tax offence. In the decision of arbitration from July, 20th 2007γ., which is published by Federal tax service of the Russian Federation, told about a recognition by court of decision FNS void regarding nonacceptance of expenses on mobile (except for the international roaming), to paging communication and the Internet, on a subscription of periodic printing editions and donachislenija in this connection taxes, penalty, fines.
GK “ MIAN “ (earlier - the Moscow investment agency of real estate formed in 1995γ.) Carries out activity in all segments of the market of real estate of Moscow and Moscow Region, rendering a full complex of developer and realtor services, including in spheres of consulting and investments into building of inhabited and commercial real estate.
the group represents holding structure led by a management company “ Joint-Stock Company “ MIAN “. The key companies of group: “ MIAN - Development “ - development projects, “ MIAN - real estate Agency “ - realtor and consulting services, “ MIAN - Service “ - operation of objects of real estate, “ MIAN - Info “ - the supplier of telecommunication services for objects of real estate.
cost of actives being under control of group makes 968 million dollars the Cumulative design portfolio of group makes now 1 million in sq. m of inhabited and commercial real estate. The owner of business is Alexander Senatorov. Number of personnel GK “ MIAN “ makes over 1,5 thousand employees.
in 2007γ. “ MIAN “ growth of a gain from investment projects in comparison with 2006γ expects. On 47,7 % - to 281,5 million dollars Regarding office real estate for I quarter 2008γ. End of building business - the centre on street Total (Moscow), booking of premises in which, under group forecasts is planned, will begin in III quarter 2007γ., and receipts are predicted in IV quarter 2007γ. At level of 17,1 million dollars
In 2008γ. And 2009γ. The group expects receipt under the project business - the centre at level of 42,7 million dollars and 15,9 million dollars accordingly. With 2009γ. GK “ MIAN “ plans to begin realisation of one of the most large-scale projects in sphere of inhabited real estate - a housing estate and reconstruction of area Izmajlovo (Moscow). Look-ahead receipts for 2009γ. The group estimates at level of 34,5 million dollars