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In Sevastopol the destroyer of Naval Forces of the USA hardly was not undermined on a mine

In Sevastopol by the Ukrainian and Russian experts - vzryvnikami operation on neutralisation of a mine of times of the Great Patriotic War which has emerged nearby to the moored destroyer of Naval Forces of the USA is spent, informs TV channel Russia .
At the moment experts have fixed a mine extensions. Around detection navigation is limited and protection as the mine is on a fighting platoon is established.
according to preliminary data, the found out mine - German manufacture, is a so-called electric and percussion mine of type of MIND. The ammunition weight makes 300 kg, the trotyl maintenance - from 50 to 100 kg. According to experts after the mine will be neutralised, it will tow off in the high sea and will destroy.
last time similar incident in Sevastopol has occurred in 2004 when in microdistrict of the Red hill has been found out 960 - a kilogramme German ground mine. As a result the authorities had to evacuate more than 30 thousand persons from dangerous area.
we will notice that Black sea on - former poses threat to navigation: in it continue to find operating ground mines and not broken off deep bombs. So, for example, in 2006. Only in water area of the Black Sea ports of Russia it was revealed 14 sea anchor mines and other explosive objects.