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The Georgian snipers kill the civilians who are going out of doors

the Georgian snipers kill the civilians who are going out of doors from the shelters. As informs the State committee of the press and the mass information of South Ossetia, basically, citizens leave shelters to type waters.
now children, old men, the woman sharply lack some potable water, children any more do not suffer thirst - it is told in the department message.
a death toll and wounded men in South Ossetia it is estimated in thousand, under blockages of the destroyed houses there are people. In a zone of the conflict there is no possibility even to approach and help those who else, probably, is live. In department have underlined that it is almost impossible to deduce children from a city, old men and women who already have no place even to hide . They move on cellars, in which else probably to run - it is told in the committee message.
Now Tskhinvali is exposed to the next artillery bombardment from the Georgian villages. Representatives of unrecognized republic also have informed on it recently. We will remind that the peace population hides in cellars, the third days. Inhabitants do not have water, some gas and light, on an outcome the foodstuffs. Besides, civilians cannot receive the qualified medical aid from - for absence of medicines, and also from - that the day before the city hospital has been destroyed during shelling.
earlier it was informed that the Georgian army has struck new blow from installations zalpovogo fire Hailstones on positions Russian peacemakers. According to preliminary data, were lost and have suffered some persons. Now fights go, basically, on southern suburb Tskhinvali.