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The Russian military men have released Tskhinvali

the Russian military men have released Tskhinvali and have started expression of the Georgian divisions for a zone of responsibility of peacekeeping forces - the commander-in-chief Land forces of the Russian Federation general Vladimir Boldyrev on the TV channel air " has informed; to Conduct .
But conditions in a conflict zone remain to the heaviest - the general has declared.
recently it became known that the Russian military men have suppressed the Georgian weapon emplacements, intensive bombardment of Tskhinvali is stopped, have informed in command of the Mixed forces on maintenance of peace (SSPM).
Before the State committee of the press and the mass information of South Ossetia has informed on the next massed bombardment of capital of unrecognized republic. JUgo - Osset armed formations hold the fort - it was told in the committee message.
Tskhinvali is destroyed almost completely. The peace population hides in cellars, the third days. Inhabitants at them do not have water, some gas and light, on an outcome the foodstuffs. Besides, the population cannot receive the qualified medical aid from - for absence of medicines, and also from - that the day before the city hospital has been destroyed during shelling.
also it was informed that the Georgian army has struck new blow from installations zalpovogo fire Hailstones on positions Russian peacemakers. According to preliminary data, were lost and have suffered some persons. Now fights go, basically, on southern suburb Tskhinvali.
till now it is impossible to make any representation about victims among the peace population. Representatives of unrecognized republic declare that among victims as a result of an aggravation Georgian - the Osset conflict about 1,4 thousand persons the most part is made by the Russian citizens.
it is officially known that as a result of an attack of the Georgian armies to Tskhinvali 12 Russian peacemakers were lost. Besides, 150 military men have been wounded.
in turn, the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has declared earlier that as a result of the Russian bombardments 30 citizens of Georgia, the majority from which military men were lost.
meanwhile the assistant to the commander-in-chief of land forces of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Igor Konoshenkov has informed that the Georgian military men interfere with export from a zone of operations in South Ossetia wounded peacemakers and civilians, do not pass an ambulance car, limit work of representatives of the International Red Cross.