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The Abkhazian aircraft has struck blow to Kodorsky gorge

Military - air forces of Abkhazia have struck blow to Kodorsky gorge, the president of unrecognized republic Sergey Bagapsh has declared. Operation details while are unknown, on victims and destructions also is not informed.
simultaneously Abkhazia has begun land operation on replacement of the Georgian armies from the top part of Kodorsky gorge is a territory of unrecognized republic in which two years ago the Georgian armies illegally have been entered into infringement of available agreements. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba has informed on it.
When we put forward our armies on border with Georgia, we thereby wanted to improve matters South Ossetia, - S.Shamba has told. - we have corresponding arrangements with South Ossetia about the military help in case of crisis situations. Therefore we consider that though the Abkhazian army has not engaged, but it has executed the problem, because considerable (Georgian) forces have been delayed. We and other actions undertook according to arrangements, in particular undertook intensive artillery and rocket bombardment on military facilities in the western Georgia " at night;.
According to the minister, now in Abkhazia a quiet situation. we in territory of Abkhazia will not admit war. We plan our actions outside of Abkhazia - has declared S.Shamba. unique operation which now occurs in Abkhazia, it goes highly in mountains, on replacement from Kodorsky gorge. It is high-mountainous area, it is a difficult relief, these are challenges, but we will consistently carry out them. For the present the first stage of the planned plan is carried out - the minister has added.
in the meantime Georgia pulls together armies to border with Abkhazia. According to the plenipotentiary of the president of Abkhazia Ruslana Kishmarii, for days Georgia has several times increased the military presence along the river Inguri.
On Saturday also it became known that the Air Forces of Russia have lost two planes during operations. The bomber They became one of them, under the preliminary information, be 22. The fact of destruction of planes has confirmed in Moscow on a press - conferences the deputy chief of the Joint Staff of armed forces of Russia, the general - colonel Anatoly Nagovitsyn.
That is 223 it is intended for defeat by aviation bombs and cruise missiles of important stationary and mobile objects in any weather conditions deeply in back of the opponent.
losses of the Georgian party by this o`clock also have made two planes.