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The world`s largest is destroyed factory drugs

Special services of Mexico have destroyed the world`s largest underground narcolaboratory which settled down in remote mountain district on severo - the country east, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow . In territory in 240 hectares 22 shops on manufacturing of drugs settled down.
despite a careful camouflage, police helicopters have noticed in jungle in area known as the Gold triangle (the considerable quantity of heroin and marihuana in the country) a suspicious congestion of structures here is made. On destruction of base of narcobusinessmen groups of special divisions the Mexico strengthened by army divisions have been thrown.
some thousand kgs of marihuana and about 40 thousand litres of chemical liquids for manufacture of drugs have been withdrawn. Also a considerable quantity of the weapon and vehicles is revealed. The data about quantity of arrested persons is not resulted. According to the investigation, served factory more than 100 persons, including experts - chemists.
the laboratory belonged to the narcocartel largest in Mexico from Sinaloa who is headed by drug baron Hoakin Gusman most searched in Mexico, have informed in law enforcement bodies of Mexico.
the American magazine Forbs following the results of 2008. Has included H.Gusman in the list of the richest people of a planet. It has caused indignation of the Mexican authorities. The public prosecutor of Mexico Eduardo Medina Mora has demanded from magazine to exclude it from a rating, having expressed a regret equalising of the gangster with fair representatives of business .
the magazine has estimated the Condition of the drug baron 1 mlrd dollars. H.Gusman by a nickname the Crumb (its growth of 1,55 metres) in 2001. Ran from prison especially a high security Puente - the grandee in staff of Halisko where it left 20 - a summer imprisonment term. From - for its runaway have been arrested the director of prison and some tens security guards. The authorities have been assured that without assistance of protection runaway from Puente - the grandee it is simply impossible.
Mexico became the main transit corridor for cocaine deliveries in the USA. Since January 2008. As a result of war between clans of narcobusinessmen of Mexico were lost more than 9 thousand persons.