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The police of Slovakia has applied fire engines to dispersal of meeting

In the east of Slovakia police on public order protection has been compelled to apply fire engines (firemen vodomyoty) to dispersal of the forbidden meeting of hundreds the extremely right radicals opposing the gipsies.
protesting in the answer stoned policemen and bottles. Meeting has been organised by neo-Nazi grouping Slovak unity transfers Associated Press.
according to employees of the law and order, the organizer of meeting, Marian Kotleba, is arrested. Holding a meeting declared that oppose attacks of gipsies on local residents.
we will notice that strengthening ksenofobskih moods is fixed in many countries of Europe. Local residents frequently consider that immigrants are sources of problems, including economic. Experts explain it deterioration of economic conditions and falling of a standard of living from - for world financial crisis.
These moods are used successfully by neo-Nazis. Having refused provocations against homosexuals and Jews, they have concentrated on gipsies and immigrants.