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On one of beaches of Majorca explosion

At restaurant on one of beaches of capital of the Spanish island Majorca Palme has thundered explosion has thundered, nobody has suffered. As the Spanish mass-media, grouping baskskih inform separatists THIS has passed on the telephone warning of explosion.
explosion has thundered in some hours after THIS has made the statement in which has incurred responsibility for explosion on island in the end of July at which two policemen were lost, transfers Bi - bi - si.
THIS which achieves independence for Basques in the north of Spain and jugo - the West of France, has confirmed that it bears responsibility and for other actions spent in this year.
earlier, on July, 30th 2009., as a result of act of terrorism on an island of Majoorka two policemen were lost, nearby 30 persons have got wounds. The police has given the order to close all ports and the airports of Majorca, not to allow to disappear to organizers of act of terrorism.
Explosion has thundered nearby 14:00 local time (16:00 Moscow time) in the Palm tree Is new at barracks of Home guards. The strong damage has been caused to a building of barracks and the next constructions.