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The situation with forest fires worsens in Ural Mountains

the Situation with forest fires worsens in Ural Mountains. According to the governor of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Misharina, fires on the peatbogs located near to Ekaterinburg have amplified. Besides, from - for a strong wind the area before the localised fire in reserve " has increased; Denezhkin the Stone .
According to hydrometeorological centre of Russia, in Ekaterinburg the smog caused by peat fires at present is observed. Level of concentration of harmful substances in city boundaries is exceeded in 1,5 times. Earlier it was informed that strong smoke blanketing is observed not only in Moscow, but also in St.-Petersburg.
the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia Sergey Shojgu has informed the day before that at present rates of work of firemen Moscow Region will be relieved of fire during 5 - 7 days. In Moscow suburbs additional forces of the Ministry of Emergency Measures from other regions on August, 9th will be pulled together. The first of subjects of the Russian Federation, in which ambassador of the announcement of an emergency situation had been extinguished all forest fires, there was the Voronezh region.
a fire in reserve Denezhkin the Stone in Sverdlovsk area has begun on July, 15th. Later 6 days it from the local has passed in riding, its area has increased to 1300 hectares. 88 persons took part in fire extinguishing, helicopters Mi - 8 both Mi - 26 and the plane Silt - 76 Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia.