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In Moscow room thieves

the Abnormal heat and a smog in Moscow actively use an abnormal heat and a smog room thieves use. According to capital militia, it is traditional during the summer period the number of room thefts increases. Thieves use that townsmen for a long time leave in holidays or move to live on summer residences.
however in this summer when day temperatures break records and streets are impregnated by a smoke from woods burning in Russia, number wishing to leave Moscow has grown in times. As consequence, the number of room thefts has increased also.
so, only for the past days with statements for theft in militia owners of four capital apartments have addressed. Two thefts are made through an entrance door where criminals have cracked the locks, one theft is made through an open window on the ground floor and one more - through an open balcony door on 17 - m a floor. Cash money resources, jewelry, the computer technics, cameras and etc. became extraction of criminals The general damage from actions of thieves has made about 2,5 million rbl.
Especially became more active so-called fortochniki - has told a source in capital criminal investigation department. - citizens in a heat leave opened windows, especially it concerns the first and second floors. Many, leaving on summer residences, forget them to close and become victims of criminals, or thieves get into apartments at night and while owners sleep, take out from apartments money and jewelry .
According to the source, about many thefts owners will know in some days or even weeks after they have been made. Coming back from holiday or from a summer residence, many find out that their apartments have visited domushniki in this case to catch thieves it is almost impossible - the stolen goods sale, guest performers having fulfilled some addresses, leave area - has noted a source.
According to police officers, the most effective way of struggle against room thefts is apartment statement on the alarm system panel in private security department. Also, according to militiamen, it is not necessary to neglect installation of the strengthened door and difficult zapornyh mechanisms. Besides, to the citizens living in apartments, located on last floor, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening of overlappings of an air line, balcony frames, and also installation of lattices at windows and on platforms with an exit on garrets.
to the citizens living on the ground floors, it is recommended to establish lattices on windows. If you for a long time leave apartment, it is necessary to close all windows, doors and lattices if they are established. Leaving a premise for some minutes, also it is recommended to close a door even if you left to throw out garbage or to take mail. Savings and values are better for storing in safe places, such as left-luggage offices in various banks of a city. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs also advise to support good relations with neighbours since they can save from room theft while owners are in holiday or long business trip.