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Russia continues fire-fighting

Firemen and volunteers continue struggle against the fires which have captured the Central Russia. The Ministry of Emergency Measures informs that fire managed to be won several regions.
the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu predicts that if firemen will keep the same rate of work to consult with elements it will be possible within a week.
Moscow and area
as of 7:00 Moscow time on August, 09th goes To Moscow suburbs suppression of 42 centres of natural fires on a total area of 153,7 hectares. As have informed in a press - service of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow Region, in connection with the difficult conditions caused by droughty and hot weather, the new centres of ignition are formed also.
the greatest quantity of fires has arisen in Orehovo - Zuevsky, Pavlovo - Posadsky, Luhovitsky, Shatursky, Dmitrovsky and Egoryevsk areas. Thus threat to settlements and objects of economy is not present.
For the last days in territory of Moscow Region 34 centres of natural fires on a total area of 97,7 hectares - 17 peat on the area of 29,5 hectares and 17 wood on the area of 68,2 hectares are liquidated.
now with fires in Moscow suburbs 4 thousand 913 persons and 1 thousand 237 units of technics struggle. Also in area territory the grouping of forces from Bulgaria in number of 93 persons works. In Shatursky area suppression of fires was spent by forces of aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia - planes Be - 200 and Silt - 76, on the centres is dumped 93 t waters. Within August, 8th the heavy engineering technics of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for clearing of a line and a lining of pipelines and mineralizovannyh strips was used. For water delivery on sites of suppression of natural fires in Egoryevsk, Luhovitsky and Shatursky areas the water submitting pipeline more than 48 km was used in the general extent. Also for suppression of natural fires 10 fire trains were involved.
Moscow has sent to the aid in fire-fighting in the Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow areas of 355 persons and 210 units of technics, has informed today on a press - conferences the first deputy of the mayor of capital Vladimir Resin. The city has directed on struggle against fire in total 12 summary groups ognebortsev. In Noginsk Moscow suburbs area 15 persons work, is involved 11 polivomoechnyh cars, in Orehovo - Zuevsky - 16 persons, involved 11 polivomoechnyh cars, in Luhovitsky area - 14 persons, 10 units of technics. In the Ryazan region 21 persons, 17 polivomoechnyh cars, in Vladimir region - 17 persons, 15 polivomoechnyh cars work.
V.Resin has expressed confidence that within a week with fires in Moscow Region it will be possible to consult. Also he has added that during holiday the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov has allowed a command to conduct daily monitoring of a fire situation in a city and to organise full safety of children`s camps. The command allowed to water constantly lawns, court yard, roads, to provide round-the-clock protection of large forests in the city territory, from streets the garbage is constantly cleaned, the situation with container warehousing in the markets " is supervised; - has informed the first zammera. All these measures have already allowed to lower an amount of fires in a city in comparison with usual days on 7,8 % - he has concluded.
the authorities of Moscow do not intend to enter yet in a city an emergency situation mode (CHS) from - for natural fires. According to V.Resin, now the bases for input of this mode are not present. Conditions at us under control, we cope with a situation and, I think, we will consult - he has noted. Thus V.Resin has expressed confidence that within a week fires in Moscow suburbs will manage to be extinguished and ecological conditions in Moscow will improve.
the Nizhniy Novgorod region
In the Nizhniy Novgorod region 74 seats of forest fire are localised, 3 more fires continue to operate. As have informed in Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on the region, the localised fires are in 21 area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. The area of three operating fires has made 55,7 thousand in hectare, they settle down in the Vyksunsky area most suffered from fire. For the last days their area has increased by 80 hectares.
fires in area have local character, from time to time at a gusty wind pass in the riding. Mainly coniferous wood with the boggy sites occupying a considerable part of territory burns, journey of technics for localisation and liquidation of fires is not always possible.
in suppression of forest fires it is involved 9 thousand 205 persons, 963 units of technics. Including 54 groups of volunteers take part in suppression - 2 thousand 854 persons.
As a result of natural fires in the Nizhniy Novgorod region 22 persons were lost.
the Kirov region
In the Kirov region operates 55 forest fires on the area more than 2 thousand in hectare. On it have informed in a press - service of the government of the Kirov region. For last days in region territory 12 new ignitions, their biggest quantity - in Verhnekamsky area are fixed. The area of the wood fund captured by fire, makes now of 41 hectares to 2 thousand.
the burnout storms in Vjatskopoljansky, Sorvizhsky, Urzhumsky, Jaransky forest areas. Practically all of them are localised. It was not possible while to localise a fire in the Pishchalsky forest area. 223 units of technics are involved in liquidation of fires, 1 thousand 142 persons.
the Perm edge
In the Perm edge now there are unliquidated 23 forest fires on a total area about 360 hectares. On it have informed in a press - service of regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. According to department, the largest centres are fixed in Gajnsky area of the Perm edge - on distance of 11 km from village Oska the fire on the area of 80 hectares, 4 km from village Sosnovka - 75 hectares, on distance of 8,5 km from settlement Keros - 67 hectares storms. Besides, fire extinguishing in Krasnovishersky area of region, on distance of 41 km from settlement Vaja is conducted, there fire captures 50 hectares.
Krasnodar territory
In Krasnodar territory the emergency prevention from - for predicted in region 40 - gradusnoj heats is declared. On it informs a press - service of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on edge. since Monday, on August, 9th, till Wednesday, on August, 11th, in second half of day in Krasnodar territory strong heat - 39 degrees, places - 40 - 41 degree " is expected; - it is told in the department forecast.
Also it is informed that from - for heats in edge probably increase in an amount of fires at objects of economy and in settlements, occurrence of forest fires, failures on objects of power, increase in quantity of road accident at highways as a result of deformation of an asphalt covering. Also there can be failures and on the railway from - for linear expansions a rail therefore descents of trains are possible.
the Saratov region
In the Saratov region all forest fires are extinguished, have informed today in a press - service of regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. According to department, for a past week-end fire divisions managed to liquidate ten ignitions by a total area over 190 hectares. Thus new seats of forest fire in region it is not fixed yet.
now as a preventive measure patrol of woods proceeds. 50 mobile groups pozharotushenija from voluntary fire teams are with that end in view created. Besides, active support is rendered by volunteers from among local residents, have noted in a press - service.
we will remind, on July, 31st 2010. In the Saratov region from - for fire-dangerous conditions the emergency situation mode has been entered. In all 38 areas of area the fifth class of fire danger has been declared.
Sverdlovsk area
the Fire in the Ural reserve Denezhkin the Stone (the city of Severouralsk of Sverdlovsk area), earlier localised, has again escaped for limits mineralizovannoj strips, its area has grown to 1 thousand in hectare. As informs today department of an information policy of Sverdlovsk area because fire distribution proceeds, the arrangement with the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu about attraction for fire extinguishing of aviation technics of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has been reached.
Besides, from Tchebarkul for creation of new protecting strips in reserve Denezhkin the Stone the additional heavy machinery will be directed. The governor of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Misharin intends to examine today the territory captured by a fire, from the helicopter.
the fire in reserve has begun on July, 15th 2010. In time till today by fire it has been passed about 3,2 thousand in hectare. When the fire has reached peak, the aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Measures was already involved in its suppression, however subsequently it has been redirected on other objects
To the Ministry of Emergency Measures underline that a principal cause of occurrence of fires is is abnormal hot and droughty weather, and also the human factor. Any source of fire, including the cigarette which has been thrown out from a window of the car, leads to ignition of the grass which have dried up on the sun. The wind promotes fast distribution of fire which can approach to settlement or a large forest.
Mary El
In Mary El`s Republic the area of natural fires for last days has increased by 3 thousand of 665 hectares, operative person on duty GU has informed the Ministry of Emergency Measures on region. The basic efforts on suppression are concentrated to three large forest fires in territory of the Volga forest area in Kilemarsky area, and also Kozikovsky and Kuzminsky forest areas in Jurinsky area. Threats to settlements and objects of economy are not present.
In Volzhsk a forest area the area passed by a fire, makes 8 thousand of 040 hectares, the fire is not localised. For last days the area passed by a fire, has increased by 2 thousand of 800 hectares. A fire local passing in the riding. In Jurinsky area the area of two burnout for the last days has increased by 550 hectares.
the groups involved in suppression of fires today should be strengthened, all in suppression will take part about 1 thousand 200 persons and 130 units of technics.
the Kirov region
According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures for today`s morning, in Russia 557 centres of natural fires on the area more than 170 thousand in hectare continue to operate that on 20 thousand in hectare it is less, than the day before. For last days there were 247 new centres of wood and peat fires. 239 centres are extinguished. 76 burnout on the area of 159 thousand of 826,4 hectares, including 25 centres of peat fires operates. According to Minzdravsotsrazvitija for the morning on August, 6th 2010., as a result of fires 52 persons were lost, 471 victim has addressed for medical aid.