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Terrorists arrest worldwide

Security services of Egypt have arrested group of the terrorists planning the organisation of new acts of terrorism in capitals of some the countries of the world.
as they say in editorial article of today`s issue of Egyptian weekly journal Al Mussawar, this plan has been developed and prepared by one of cells of a terrorist network of Osama bin Laden Al - Kajeda in Egypt. The Egyptian security services managed to detain ten persons connected with this business.
according to the edition, among arrested persons many technical experts and two pilots who were trained at the same flight school, as the well-known Mohammed Atta sitting at a steering wheel the Boeing rammed one of towers of the World shopping centre in New York.
we will remind that in Egypt is the right hand Osama bin Ladens - Ajman al - Zavahiri whom the USA name the the enemy number two
Arrests of terrorists have passed today and in Europe. So, the Italian and German law enforcement bodies have arrested in Milan and Munich three persons, presumably, being members of terrorist grouping of Osama bin Laden Al - Kajeda .
One citizen of Tunis has been arrested in Milan and two citizens of Libya - in Munich by results of the data given by the Italian authorities. Law enforcement bodies of Italy have declared that have important certificates of their communication with the organisation Al - Kajeda . All arrested persons had training military preparation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, informs DPA.
But opposition of an antitalib coalition (the USA and Great Britain) accrues in many Islamic countries. Today near a building of embassy of Great Britain in Djakarta special services of Indonesia have found out an explosive. After detection the bomb has been blown up by special division of the Indonesian police.
As representatives of law enforcement bodies of Indonesia have informed, the bomb has been put in the house of the businessman located directly near a building of embassy, transfers AFP.
it is not established Yet, whether the given act of terrorism to passing in Indonesia within last several days to mass protest actions against aviablows of the Air Forces of the USA and Great Britain on territory of Afghanistan refers.