Rus News Journal

There are the strongest bombardments of Afghanistan

the American and British aircraft today the fourth day strikes blows to the purposes in Afghanistan successively. Kabul and Kandahar are exposed to the crippling strokes.
according to eyewitnesses, during touches to Kabul in a city the electrical supply has been broken. Heavy ruptures were audible around the city airport. According to experts, it is the most powerful blow across Kabul from the moment of the beginning of operation of the USA in Afghanistan.
earlier talib authorities have rejected statements of the United States that as a result of three days of aviablows Americans have won practically an empery in air. In Kabul official representatives of Talibs have declared that during last American touch under blow inhabited quarter on suburb of the Afghani capital has got.
as they said, for today at touches were lost more than 70 persons, more than 100 are wounded. However independent acknowledgement in this respect are not present. In the statement made to Pushtunsky service BBC, the leader of Talibs the mullah the Lobster has told that Moslems of the whole world now should solve, for they or against the Taliban.