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Act of terrorism in Tel - Avive: 16 suffered

Arabo - the Israeli conflict after short calm again inflames. Powerful explosion has thundered this morning on suburb Tel - Aviva. Under the specified data, as a result of explosion at a bus stop 16 persons have suffered. The woman who has got wounds as a result of explosion, has died in hospital. One more wounded man - the man - in a condition of average weight, the others have received small wounds. We will notice that each specification of data on this act of terrorism gives the increased number of victims.
under the police certificate, trying to embus, the criminal has slipped, both the driver and one of passengers left to help it. However, having found out that on a belt at the terrorist the explosive is strengthened, they have braided it and have ordered to all citizens who were in salon to leave the bus. Having convinced that passengers out of danger, they have released the criminal and have taken to the heels. The terrorist also has run off on 30 metres a bus stop then has put in action an explosive. In case the criminal would manage to blow up a bomb in the bus, the number of victims of act of terrorism could reach 50 persons, the police has informed.
act of terrorism, we will remind, there was at a bus stop near to an outcome a Bar - Alan under the bridge the Cook - Kola nearby to factory on manufacture of this drink. The bus which has become by a target of the terrorist, belongs to firm It is given which representatives have informed that in the car there were mainly soldiers.
in reply to these acts of terror the Israeli armies have entered in some Palestinian cities on the West Bank of Jordan and have arrested more than 70 Palestinians. As it is informed in the statement of the Israeli military men extended about it, the city of Ramalla where at a dawn 55 Palestinians have been arrested became the basic point of operation. The operation purpose consists in destroying a terrorist infrastructure, it is marked in the statement. Besides, the Israeli tanks were included into camp of refugees in Rafahe. As a result two Palestinians are killed also ten have got wounds.
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