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the Bird flu has reached Turkey

the Authorities of Turkey have begun poultry destruction in poultry-farming economy in the west of the country where the first case of disease " 2 days ago has been fixed; a bird flu . On highways near the settlement Balikeshir is established military posts which inspect driving and leaving motor transport, transfers AR. Information on what quantity of poultry is liable to destruction, did not arrive.
a disease case a bird flu has been fixed on a poultry-farming farm in Balikeshire this week. All birds containing in this poultry-farming economy, have been destroyed. According to the spent researches, the found out virus belongs to shtammu H5.
As a result of disease a bird flu shtamma H5N1 (which it is dangerous to the person) in Asia with 2003. 60 persons have died, at least.
it is necessary to notice that it is the second case of a bird flu registered on coast of Black sea. Hardly earlier it has occurred in Romania. Now the authorities of this country have expanded the list of preventive measures on distribution prevention a bird flu . By the present moment it is destroyed 1,5 thousand house birds, however the authorities have disposed to hammer in 40 thousand more Their owners will obtain from the state monetary compensation.
on October, 7th the authorities of Romania have informed on the case first in the country a bird flu : in one of villages in the east of Romania three ducks were lost. Next day on a beach in Constance the dead swan has been found. Preliminary analyses have shown presence in its blood of a dangerous virus. Since then new cases a bird flu in territory of Romania it has not been revealed.
around virus detection quarantine operates. Disinfection of all transport driving and leaving for its limits is spent. From the closed zone export of animals is forbidden. In delta of Danube and the next areas there is begun mass vaccination of a bird. Among children preparations of vitamins free of charge extend.
at the same time, the Romanian experts believe that shtamm a virus, become by a cause of death of three house ducks and a swan in the east of the country, is less dangerous, rather than shtamm H5N1 which has caused flash a bird flu in Russia and Asia, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Romania has declared Adrian Tibu. As he said, results of analyses which are spent in London, will be received in some days. Only after that it becomes clear, whether represents the virus revealed in territory of the country real danger.
we will remind that, according to the Minister of Agriculture of Romania George Fljutjura, the virus in the country was brought by birds of passage from territory of Russia.
for the inquiry: According to World Health Organization, for today 116 cases of infection of people " are fixed; a bird flu from them 60 - deadly. Almost always people caught at direct contact to a sick bird. Meanwhile experts warn that the virus can mutirovat and get ability to be transferred from the person to the person.