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The east of the USA in the power of rains: there is an evacuation

From - for the torrential rains proceeding in the east of the USA almost two days, hundreds people are evacuated. Downpours have caused flooding in states of Nju - Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Nju - Jersey. Water has washed away roads and has flooded apartment houses. It is informed about three victims.
in Nju - Hampshire state of emergency is declared. In actions for rendering assistance to the people who have appeared in a zone of disaster, 500 military men of National guards are involved. Movement on dim automobile lines is blocked.
the strongest flooding is noted in Kin. There roads have left under water on depth from 1 to 2. From the flooded areas 500 persons are evacuated nearby, still nearby 150 have found a time refuge on city base of rest. To inhabitants of next Stoddarda also it allowed to leave instructions the houses. In Langdon water stream has washed off in the river the whole apartment house.
in staff of Nju - Jerseys from - for flooding without light remained about 6 thousand persons.
According to weather forecasters, in Pennsylvania for only one days 250 mm of deposits have dropped out. In some areas Nju - Hampshire intensity of deposits made 5 sm at an o`clock, transfers AR.