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In Voronezh skinheads have killed the student from Peru

In Voronezh group of hooligans has beaten the three foreign students, one of them has died on the spot.
as have informed in city law enforcement bodies, the day before at 17:45 Moscow time y territories it is sports - an improving complex Olimpik located in house N10 across Moskovsky prospectus in Voronezh, 15 hooligans have beaten a three 18 - summer students of the Voronezh state university - the citizen of Spain of Mario Rodriguez and two citizens of Peru - Lavaro Ajlo Alexander and Angeles Urtado Enrike Arturo.
last from the received physical injuries has died on the spot, two other suffered students have been hospitalised with cranial - brain traumas. On the given fact the area Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges under item 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (deliberate causing of heavy harm to health). Also the task force into which employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and Office of Public Prosecutor have entered is already directed to Voronezh for murder investigation, have informed in a press - the centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Besides, from central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the group of detectives of criminal investigation department and field investigators of department on struggle against the organised crime and terrorism is directed. All measures directed on disclosing of the given crime are taken. Given case investigation took under personal control the deputy minister of internal affairs Andrey Novikov.
we Will remind, Voronezh, along with Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don is considered one of the distribution centres skinhedskogo movements in Russia. Attacks on people of not slavic appearance occur in these cities almost weekly. Everything, by estimates of the Moscow bureau under human rights, in the first half of the year 2005 by skinheads 10 persons have been killed and beaten from above 200.
According to the Moscow bureau under human rights, on obshchefederalnom level in Russia now operates 7 nationalist parties and movements - broken up on some branches RNE, Brown it is time deprived of registration National - majestic party of Russia, DPNI, National - people party, Party of Freedom and Russian national union. In some regions local nationalist movements, for example, the Cossack associations, " also operate; the Hero (Astrakhan), the City without drugs (Ekaterinburg). The Aggregate number of a fighting wing of these organisations, according to legal experts, makes 10-15 thousand persons. Their members already took part in pogroms of natives from caucasus and gipsies.
so, in February of this year Gipsy pogrom has occurred in settlement Iskitim of the Novosibirsk region where it has been plundered and burnt about 40 houses. In March nationalists have burnt dwelling of a Gipsy family in Cherepovets. In April organised by the deputy of the Yaroslavl municipal duma Sergey Krivnjukom the Team of a name of Che Guevara has broken some cars of prospective Gipsy drug dealers. Then in Novorossisk Cossacks have crushed some houses of local Armenians. In Astrakhan this year skinheads cut out a family of Daghestanis. In a city the Top Pyshma of Sverdlovsk area local skinheads in a course zachistki cities have killed three Armenians. In Moscow two Algerians - listeners of Academy of Joint Staff VS of the Russian Federation, in Novosibirsk - a family of students of Yakuts, and in Ekaterinburg - 15 participants of national ensemble from Mary El`s Republic have been beaten.