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Primorski Krai holds a meeting against increase of duties on foreign cars

In the centre of Vladivostok there is a protest action against increase of duties on the Japanese cars, spent by local motorists in protest at sharp increase of cost of import cars, informs Echo Moscow .
Some columns of cars on small speed with the included headlights move to a building of Far East customs office where meeting is planned.
organizers gather is indicative to burn domestic the Zhiguli . According to the Far East motorists, new rules - the first step on a way to an interdiction of right-hand drive cars to Russia, about it write today New news . In region today revolutionary - import of second-hand Japanese cars feeds moods of hundred thousand primortsev: from seamen to mechanics in car-care centres. Domestic cars here despise, it is considered, what even 15 - the summer Japanese foreign car is much better than newcomers Zhiguli . Therefore (including customs) on import of right-hand drive cars people perceive any restrictions as attempt to limit their freedom in a choice of means of transportation.
we will remind, some days ago in the Far East the local customs has raised import duties for Japanese cars. Since October, 5th cost of second-hand Japanese cars imported into region is defined under special catalogues. These documents are made so that now at a customs clearance of cars their owners should pay on 1 - 3 thousand dollars more than before. Thus officially the customs duties did not raise. Sharp increase of cost of foreign cars in region became a consequence of the given decision. Automobile owners are assured that the customs thus tries to lift a collecting of payments: officially the customs duties do not grow, but money it is necessary to pay for transportation of cars much more. The chief a press - services DVTU has commented on the information on change of the size of duties on foreign cars so: the Given catalogues urged to unify definition of cost of imported motor vehicles irrespective of a customs post through which there passes the car .
last Thursday about hundred cars have arrived to a building of Far East customs office. Drivers pressed on horns and caused representatives of customs for explanations, however to them nobody left. Next day, on October, 7th the column consisting approximately from several hundreds of cars, has gone from the Vladivostok car market the Green corner to a building all the same customs office. Before departure on crowd the hearing as if in the Find the autodealer who in a weekend needed to take away from customs of 40 trucks which did not have money for payment of additional expenses was hung up was carried by, besides it could not raise in advance stipulated prices for buyers. On the way this group joined more and more cars which included a passing light, hooted. According to participants, among them there were even cars with spetsnomerami. When one of employees of GAI, having stopped the first cars of a column, has tried to select at their owners of the right, drivers of other cars, leaving salons, a live chain have blocked off traffic on a counter strip. The people who have thus got to a compelled stopper did not state the discontent, on the contrary, many offered GAI officers to come over to the side of the people . Each time when car inspectors tried to stop protesting, the same picture repeated: people instantly blocked off all traffic along the street. The employee of the traffic police which have taken away from the leader of a column ignition keys, nearly have not thrown out in the river together with patrol car. On October, 7th on a city central square have gathered about 200 motorists who have named the action the March of empty canisters . This time they protested against inflated prices of gasoline . Now the litre of diesel fuel in Primorski Krai costs 17 roubles, AI - 95 - 22 roubles. A rise in prices for gasoline in Primorski Krai increase of cost of all services and the goods - from bread before delivery of newspapers speaks. As a result motorists have agreed on all forthcoming elections prokatit candidates from an United Russia . Autodealers whom cars from Japan should arrive in the near future, have decided not to take away within a month them from customs warehouses.
after input of new customs rules on one of the most popular seaside automobile the Internet - forums has appeared separate a branch in which possibility of branch of the Far East from Russia is seriously discussed.