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On Sakhalin it is detained Georgian the thief in the law

On Sakhalin for storage of drugs it is detained 41 - the summer Chiro Shonija known in certain circles as Georgian the thief in the law .
As informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on Far East federal district, detention has been spent in a city Southern - Sahalinske by employees of Management on struggle against the organised crime at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Sakhalin region during carrying out operatively - search actions near shopping centre Plaza .
At personal inspection in its pocket it is revealed 5 g opium. According to the operating Russian legislation, this party so-called heavy a drug it is considered especially large. Its cost at the prices black the market of narcotics of Sakhalin makes about 7,5 thousand rbl.
Now concerning it criminal case on ch is brought. 2 items 228 criminal codes of Russian Federation (illicit manufacturing, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer or sale of narcotics or psychotropic substances). The arrested person is threatened with punishment till 7 years of imprisonment. Besides, its participation in fulfilment of other grave crimes is established.
the detained criminal authority was earlier repeatedly we judge for robberies, illegal storage of the weapon, runaway from a temporary detention facility. Its last previous conviction - for an attack on the police officer. He has been condemned by the South Sakhalin city court for 3,5 years of imprisonment conditionally.
according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the Far East C.Shonija has appeared in the beginning 1990 - h years. Under the operative data, it has been sent Moscow thieves in the law to act in a role of the arbitrator in the conflict between representatives of the Moscow grouping and criminal authorities of Komsomolska - on - the Cupid.
For last week law enforcement bodies have spent some operations against so-called thieves in the law . So, in capital some casinos which were supervised by criminal authorities from Georgia have been closed. Besides, law enforcement bodies managed to stop a thieves` meeting in one of the Moscow restaurants.