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As a result of explosion on Philippines 12 persons

As a result of explosion of a bomb in the south of Philippines were lost nearby 12 persons were lost at least and 20 have got wounds, informs (C) Associated Press referring to sources in local police.
explosion has occurred approximately 15:00 Moscow time during carrying out of city festival in Makilala. Two persons have died on the spot, the others 10 have died on the way to hospital from the received wounds.
authorities are assured that the tragedy became result of an act of terrorism.
we will remind, earlier today as a result of explosion of a self-made bomb on Philippines in Kotabato have got wounds of 5 persons. While any of extremist groupings operating in territory of the country has not incurred responsibility for explosion.
In this part of archipelago which are in 950 km to jugo - to the east from capital of Philippines of Manila occupied mainly by farmers - Christians, fix activity of Muslim and communistic extremist groupings.
representatives of embassy of the USA on Philippines have informed today that, according to the information received by them, extremist groupings plan some days to organise in the nearest a series of acts of terrorism on southern island of the country Mindanao.
we will remind, in February a safety force of Philippines has prevented revolution attempt. As the general - lieutenant Germogenes Esperon has declared then the commander of armed forces of the country, the authorities have detained two officers - leaders of group of military conspirators. According to the Philippine special services, rebels planned to arrange revolution during the antigovernmental action planned for February, 24th, 2006.
Then the president Gloria Makapagal Arrojo has been compelled to enter state of emergency in the country.