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In Iraq Americans have killed women - hristianok

the Consequence has shown that employees of American security firm Unity Resources Group are guilty of murder of two civilians in Bagdad.
the Company has apologised for actions of security guards. Unity Resources Group has declared that its employees at first have warned the car in which two women - hristianki went, and only have then opened on it fire on defeat, transfers Associated Press.
on October, 9th in Bagdad the people protecting a column from 4 minibuses, have opened fire on the car. Going in it two as a result were lost hristianki.
the Iraq government suspects, what not all cases of a use of weapons employees of the American private security enterprises are lawful.
notorious in the given relation employees of company Blackwater USA. In particular, they are accused that during firing with their participation, occurred in Bagdad on September, 16th 2007. 11 civilians have been killed. The federal Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA also investigates case about weapons smuggling to Iraq employees Blackwater USA.
As the prime minister - the minister of Iraq has declared soon after events on September, 16th of this year Nuri al - Maliki, incident with participation of workers of company Blackwater can represent serious threat of confidence of Iraq . He has added that similar actions cannot be justified and accepted.
we will notice that, according to the Pentagon, about 10 % of the American soldiers in Iraq badly address or spoil property of Iraqis needlessly. Only 40 % of marines and 55 % of soldiers have told that will inform command if their colleague kills or will wound the civilian.