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Participants of the Saratov gang of militiamen are condemned - robbers

In the Saratov regional court announcement of a sentence to 10 criminals recognised guilty of participation in a gang, consisting of former and operating police officers, and also to their accomplices who have made a number heavy and especially of grave crimes in territory of the Saratov region has taken place.
as have informed in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Saratov region, they are sentenced to various terms of imprisonment - from 2,5 till 13 years.
the court has established that, the gang has been created in 2004. The former employee OMON and operating employee of traffic police. Later its structure included some more person, including the police officer. These citizens have made a number of armed assaults.
in particular, on September, 6th 2004. On a site of a highway Engels - Equal at village Steppe Engelssky area of the Saratov region gangsters have attacked for two men, have connected them, have dressed polyethylene packages on heads and have stolen from salon of the car of 3 million 615 thousand rbl., promissory notes of the Savings Bank of Russia for a total sum of 1 million 445 thousand rbl., and also property for a total sum of 5 million 60 thousand the rbl., belonging Open Company Office - service Samaras.
also members of a gang are recognised by guilty of fulfilment of variety of other armed assaults.
earlier, in April 2007. The similar gang consisting of police officers, has been detained in Novosibirsk. This group was involved in fulfilment of numerous robberies and robberies, stealings of motor vehicles in Novosibirsk. During interrogations some of participants of criminal group have given evidences about protection to them from police officers.
as a result operatively - search actions persons of militiamen - gangsters have been established. During searches in a residence and in office accommodations of arrested persons it was revealed and a considerable quantity of not registered weapon, and also ammunition, drugs and the large sums of money is withdrawn.