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In Israeli the Acre disorders proceed: tens wounded men

In the Israeli city of the Acre where past Thursday disorders have flashed, the police has applied tear gas and vodomety. The Israeli mass-media have already characterised an event as the most serious excitements between Jews and Arabs for the last years, transfers Reuters. A Considerable quantity of participants of excitements are arrested, however on victims and seriously suffered it is not informed
According to TV channel Al - Dzhazira on an incident place some tens persons are wounded. Collisions between the Arabian and Jewish youth have begun on Wednesday after ultraorthodox Jews have thrown stones the Arabian car which driver has broken a religious interdiction for transport use in the Jewish areas.
it operates during the main Judaic holiday with Jom Kipur (Doomsday) which has had in this year for night with 8 for October, 9th. In the answer the Arabian youth has tried to grasp guilty of beating and has arranged pogrom in the Jewish quarters. During disorders tens cars have been burnt and shops are plundered.
on Thursday by the evening the situation was heated again: after the post termination on streets there were crowds of considerably adjusted Jews. Now the Israeli police tightens additional forces in the city of Akro, there is already about 500 guards.
the police blocks some hundreds the Jews, trying to break on the central city street and scanning Death to Arabs! hundreds Arabs participate in city centre in collisions with police.