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In Thailand the bus has turned over: 23 victims

Tragedy in Thailand. As a result of road accident with participation of the passenger bus are available numerous a victim, Associated Press reports.
incident has occurred in east part of the country in a province of Prachinburi. The bus in which there were nearby 50 persons, went on the broken road. During any moment the driver has not managed to drive, the bus has moved down in a ditch and has turned over.
as a result of incident 23 persons were lost, 24 more with numerous traumas are directed to hospitals.
physicians thus do not exclude that the number of victims can increase, as the condition of a part of victims is estimated as heavy.
according to the sergeant of local police, technical malfunction of transport could become a cause of accident. Primary survey has shown that at the bus brakes could refuse.
Road accidents with a considerable quantity of victims - rather widespread phenomenon for Thailand where much the best leaves to wish both quality of roads, and skill of local drivers.