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The Turkish Air Forces attacked Kurdish insurgents in the north of Iraq

Turkish military command has informed on operation carrying out on destruction of group of Kurdish insurgents which tried to get into Turkey from Iraq. For this purpose the Air Forces and artilleries it was necessary to fire at territory of the next state, informs Associated Press.
according to Turkish investigation, penetration of insurgents has been prevented, the most part of Kurdish group has been destroyed. This information to journalists was confirmed with general Metin Gurak.
Meanwhile representatives of the Kurdish workers` party (KRP) declared that did not try to cross iraksko - Turkish border and have denied the Turkish side data about losses. we do not have need to make the way through border. Operations in territory of Turkey are carried out by those members KRP who already there are - Ahmed Deniz speaking on behalf of Kurdish party has declared.
Acknowledgement of the information from both parties from independent observers while are not present.
it is necessary to notice that earlier Ankara repeatedly accused Kurds in the north of Iraq that they made attacks on Turkish territory, killing military men and policemen, and then promptly came back back.
we will remind that last week as a result of bombardments of Turkish territory from the Iraq Kurdistan 17 Turkish soldiers were lost.