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In France the scientist - jadershchik, connected with " is detained; Al - Kajedoj

French to special services have detained the scientist - jadershchika which, has been connected with the international terrorist network Al - Kajeda . The situation is aggravated with that the arrested person worked in the European organisation of nuclear researches (CERN), informs Bi - bi - si.
the Young scientist together with the brother have been arrested on October, 8th in the French city of Venn located near to the Swiss border. The established connection between them and grouping " became an occasion to detention; Al - Kajeda in Islamic Maghrib .
the Police assumes that brothers were involved in preparation of acts of terrorism in territory of France.
the western experts have already expressed fears that penetration sympathising Al - Kajede in CERN can lead to unpredictable consequences in the future and approach terrorists to possession the nuclear weapon.
CERN does not disclose a name of the arrested person jadershchika, however it is known that it is the employee of one of the analytical centres serving the sensational project Big adronnogo kollajdera