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Railway failure near Tambov: tens victims

Large railway failure has occurred to a considerable quantity of victims on Saturday morning near Tambov.
as have informed in a press - Open Society service the Russian railways the passenger train 32 (Moscow - Tambov) has faced the locomotive. As a result of failure of 29 persons have addressed for medical aid, three are hospitalised in hospital of Tambov.
earlier it was informed that as a result of failure have suffered more than 40 persons.
according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, around station Gunners malfunction of the locomotive of passenger train N32 has been found out, for the aid to it other locomotive which for not clear reasons has faced passenger train has been directed. As a result of blow machinists of both locomotives and passengers of the first cars of a train have suffered.
now, according to the Russian Railway, all passengers of a train are delivered to Tambov. Thus in the company have noticed that the given incident has not rendered influence on movement of other trains.
causes of accident are established, on a place of accident the investigation team works.