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Iran has opened espionage plot on the nuclear objects

the Authorities of Iran have discovered the espionage fact on nuclear objects. The vice-president of Iran has informed on it Ali Akbar Salehi, transfers Associated Press.
as he said, to some employees of nuclear objects have promised good compensation for classified information transfer on the West. He has not specified any details concerning a source of the information or time period when there was a gathering of the classified information.
now all courses are blocked also information leakage possibility is almost brought to naught - the vice-president of Iran has declared. He has noticed that earlier the personnel of nuclear objects had easy access to the information, but from this point on on objects security measures are strengthened.
Besides, to employees of the Organization on atomic energy of Iran the salary is increased. To all workers were rozdany booklets with a detailed explanation of every possible dodges with which help the western special services can try to enlist employees of nuclear objects.
the United States and their allies actively aspired to slow down the Iranian nuclear program through the United Nations and a number of sanctions. The basic motive were suspicions that Teheran intends to use civil programs as cover for creation of offensive arms. Teheran denies the similar purposes, insisting on peace character of the nuclear program.
we will remind, on September, 29th it became known that Iran has postponed atomic power station commissioning Busher prior to the beginning 2011. From - for attacks of computer virus Stuxnet. In particular, the harmful program has interfered with work of the computers belonging to employees of an atomic power station, but has not led, however, to infringement of work of system as a whole.