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Fire on the Lithuanian ferry: among victims there are Russians

Among the injured ferry on the Lithuanian ferry in Baltic sea is including citizens of Russia, informs Deutsche Welle referring to representatives of a criminal city policy Kiel,
the Exact number of the suffered Russians is not known. While the German police establishes their persons. There is an information that at two person doctors have fixed a strong poisoning with a smoke, and at one - wound by glass splinters.
all as a result of a fire has suffered 51 persons - citizens of Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark and Argentina. From among victims 23 persons, including four children, have been delivered in hospitals. Employees of German police also have informed that the probability of act of terrorism as one of originally considered versions happened, is almost completely excluded now. It was during the investigation found out that technical malfunction of one of trucks transported on the ferry became the ignition reason on the ferry, most likely.
the fire has occurred at night on October, 9th on ferry Lisco Gloria of the Lithuanian shipping company which followed from Kiel in the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. During state of emergency the ship was in maritime belt of Denmark.
the ferry Lisco Gloria constructed in 2002., belongs to company DFDS Seaways. The vessel is equipped by 302 places in cabins, its speed reaches 22 knots.