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Fight and firing on elections in Dagestan: the rural head

state of emergency on elections in Dagestan is killed. From Dagestan news about mass fight in village Hadzhalmahi in which take place elections of deputies of municipal union and the head of municipal union come.
as has informed in Moscow the vice-president of the Central Electoral Commission Leonid Ivlev, in settlement Hadzhalmahi of Levashinsky area of Dagestan there was a mass fight to firing. The head of rural administration Abdulmuslim Nurmagomedov is shot. Some persons are hospitalised with gunshot wounds.
L.Ivlev has underlined that killed was not the candidate and incident has occurred out of polling district walls. L.Ivlev also has informed that are wounded some persons, they are taken to hospital.
other details of incident while are unknown.
we will remind, in Dagestan today pass the biggest elections in the country. In republic on 7 thousand 055 deputy mandates of representative bodies and heads of municipal unions of regional, city and colony levels apply 14 thousand 991 candidate. It is the fifth part of all candidates for Russia, standing on elective offices in Uniform day of voting.
in Republic today passes voting by elections of heads of seven municipal areas - Agulsky, Akushinsky, Derbent, Kizlyar, New Laksky, Tarumovsky, Charodinsky. Besides, mayors of Makhachkala and Derbent will be chosen.
on elections of the head of Makhachkala, except operating mayor Saida Amirov, it is registered two more candidates on this post. He/she is the head of committee of management of property of Makhachkala Ali Abdulbekov, and the director of the municipal enterprise Gorzakaz Mader Kanberov. S.Amirov holds a post of the mayor with 1998., and already in the fourth time it is re-elected on this post.
on elections of the mayor of Derbent it is registered four candidates. It and. Island of the head of city district the city of Derbent Imam Jaraliev who has been put forward by the Dagestan regional branch an United Russia and three self-promoted workers: the world judge of service of world judges of Derbent Ikmet Ismailov, and also temporarily not working Elhan Kazimov and Shamil Murtaibov. The voting course on a place is watched personally by the head of the Central Electoral Committee Vladimir Churov.
we Will remind that passed on October, 11th 2009. Elections of the mayor of Derbent have been recognised by court by void. Then by the mayor of Derbent operating mayor Felix Kaziahmedov, the representative of the party " has been selected; an United Russia (for it, according to the official data, 67 % of voters) have voted. In a city that day from 36 polling districts has opened only 24. Elections have been recognised by not taken place of - that the majority of voters has been attributed to those sites which have not opened in the election day.
As have informed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, safety on elections on all territory of republic provide 6 thousand militiamen. 1 thousand more workers of militia are in a reserve on a case of occurrence of emergency situations.