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In Moscow the killer has shot natives of Armenia and Abkhazia

persons of the two men shot today in the south of Moscow Are established. The native of Armenia Valentine Potjan and the native of Abkhazia Mamuka Gablija have appeared them, informs SKP the Russian Federation.
incident has occurred today nearby 13. 30 Moscow time about the house 19 in the Simferopol parkway. The unknown person from a pistol has shot two men. From the received gunshot wounds victims have died on the spot, attacking from a scene of crime has disappeared.
on the given fact investigating bodies of Investigatory committee on Southern administrative district of a city of Moscow bring criminal case under two articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation: murder of two persons and weapon illegal circulation .
In SKP have specified that on a scene 3 sleeves and a bullet from a pistol of calibre of 9 mm, and also other subjects concerning an event are found out and withdrawn. Are spent operatively - the search actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of a crime, and the persons involved in its fulfilment. According to some information, killed were engaged in capital in business.