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The gay - parade in Belgrad has come to the end with fights and arsons

Serious disorders the gay - parade in capital of Serbia Belgrad has turned back. Supporters pravoradikalnyh parties have answered political correctness of the authorities with hailstones of stones and bottles with an incendiary mix.
that the gay - parade will lead to pogroms, it became clear on Saturday when about 10 thousand persons left on streets of Belgrad and have demanded to cancel procession of representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation. When the gay - parade has begun, tens young men have tried to break it.
as informs CNN, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia to the last counted that Sunday will pass in capital easy. However policemen had to take up blow of opponents of procession. It is informed about 40 laws and orders which have suffered attendants, trying to protect participants the gay - parade from furious crowd.
the party in power of Serbia has suffered also. During collisions in the centre of Belgrad one of its offices has been set fire.
the First gay - parade in Serbia has taken place in 2001. And also has come to the end with disorders and then pravoradikalam it was possible to reach opponents therefore has not done without victims. Last year the power have shown discretion and have preferred to refuse to organizers of procession.