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The Israeli tanks have fired at territory of Syria

the Israeli tanks have fired at territory of Syria, having destroyed some artillery installations, have declared in the Ministry of Defence of Israel.
fire has been opened after minometnogo blow across Golan heights from the Syrian party. The Syrian mine has not caused harm as has got on open space. About victims as a result of retaliation of Israel on territory of Syria the information did not arrive yet.
Israel also has made the complaint in the United Nations about Syria breaking the agreement on cease-fire.
today`s incident became repetition of a yesterday`s situation when the Israeli military men have made precautionary blow across Syria in reply to the Syrian mine which has fallen to territories of Golan heights, being under control of Israel.
three days before the Syrian tanks have entered into one of villages in the demilitarised zone in territory of Golan heights. This certificate has caused indignation of the Israeli authorities which have directed the corresponding complaint to the United Nations.
Israel has grasped Golan heights during Six-day war 1967. Before capture this territory was a part of the Syrian province of Kunejtra. In 1981. In Israel the law unilaterally proclaiming the sovereignty of Israel over this territory has been passed. The UN Security Council annexation of Golan heights did not recognise.
formally Israel is at war with Syria. Syria is not going to go for conclusion of peace until Israel will not return Golan heights.