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Site of the Berlin wall have sold for $208 tys

One of last remained sites of the Berlin wall has been sold from auction in the German capital. As informs AR, 29 - a metre site of a concrete wall, and also the territory adjoining to it in 650 sq. m near to railway station Nordbanhof has got to the anonymous inhabitant West German Goettingen.
according to the representative of the auction auctions Hans - Peter Plettnera, the buyer intends to construct a small building in the got territory. Thus the winner of auction should satisfy one condition: as the sold section of the Berlin wall is a historical monument, it should remain on a former place and as it stands. The given site of a wall has not been taken down in 1990. Also has been left as a reminder on a barrier, it is a lot of years dividing Berlin on East and Western.
the starting price for a site of the Berlin wall, before belonging to municipality, has made 91 thousand dollars All money from auction will go to city budget.
splinters of the Berlin wall were exposed on auction and before. However for the first time the section which on - former is in the same place where has been erected - in 2 km to the north from the Brandenburg gate is sold.
we will notice that only small part of fragments of the Berlin wall now has remained. After falling 43 - kilometre border between east and western parts of a city on November, 9th, 1989 they were or are sold, or destroyed. The majority of the remained parts of a wall, from both parties covered Bernauer, in the centre of the German capital are drawings, in gallery open-air East Side Gallery, and also in the Documentary centre in the street.