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Act of terrorism on Philippines: 11 victims

Large act of terrorism has occurred on Philippines. There this morning on from southern islands of the country powerful explosion has thundered. Explosion has occurred on one of the markets of Henaral - Santos.
As a result, on a place 11 persons were lost, more than 30 have got wounds. Now the police has surrounded a scene and spends search of other charges. While any of extremist groupings has not incurred responsibility for act of terrorism, transfers AR.
we Will remind that recently Philippines were shaken by the whole series of the death the elements were which reason. According to official figures, the death toll as a result of storm on Philippines has made at least 842 persons. More than 750 persons are considered as missing persons. Saving and search works are not finished till now.
storm and hurricanes have fallen upon Philippines past week, have most strongly suffered severo - east provinces of the country. Hurricanes have caused there flooding and landslips which have destroyed thousand houses, agricultural constructions, roads and bridges. From - for damages of transport highways rescuers not can deliver in due time the help in the suffered areas. The government of Philippines has addressed to the international community with the request to assist in liquidation of consequences of recent hurricanes.