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The underground tunnel on border of Egypt and Israel

Official representatives of the authorities of Israel is blown up have confirmed messages that as a result of act of terrorism near the Israeli check point in the city of Rafah on border of Egypt and Gaza Strip four military men of army of Israel were lost. Besides, 10 persons have got wounds. About it soobshil the assistant to premieres - the minister of Israel A.Sharon of Raanan Gissin. He also has informed that salvage operations on a place of act of terrorism proceed.
we will remind that some hours ago the explosive in weight nearby 1,5 t has worked in a tunnel dug near to a building Israeli kontrolno - check point in Rafah. After explosion, the block has thundered - the post has been attacked by the armed Palestinians.
responsibility for this attack was incurred by grouping Hawks FATH entering into organisation FATH, and also Islamites from Hamas . Under their statement, the given attack became revenge for murder Yasser Arafat.
we will remind, the president of Palestinian autonomy J.Arafat has died on November, 11th in hospital Persi near Paris. The Palestinian leader in Ramalle where it has spent last three years of the life to residences " is buried; Mukata .
a Number of large Palestinian politicians and leaders of the extremist organisations assume that the death raisa has occurred at direct the help the Israeli authorities. Disputes on till now do not cease, whether J.Arafat has died of natural illness or has been poisoned by special services Tel - Aviva.